INNOVATION: EAA.020/A+B replaces the EAA.05/A+B-L

With the EAA.020/A+B, Sidec has developed an improved version of the standard epoxy binder for stone carpet/decorative gravel.

By using the latest technologies, this epoxy binder scores much better in terms of UV resistance compared to our standard epoxy binder EAA.05 (See yellowing test below)

The EAA.020/A+B has a processing time of 60 minutes and can be walked on after +/- 20 hours.

The EAA.05-L (the quick version of the standard binder for stone carpet/decorative gravel floor) will soon leave our product range. This switch will be done in phases, our sales department will keep you informed. 

Download the EAA.020/A+B datasheet


Yellowing test

Our R&D department set up a test with a lubricated sample. After 22 days of constant UV loading (this corresponds to 2 to 3 years in front of an outer window), the sample that was lubricated with the EAA.05/A+B yellowed a lot more than the sample that was lubricated with the EAA.020/A+B.

Above all judge for yourself!

The real samples can also be viewed at the Sidec reception.


The sample, lubricated with binder EAA.05/A+BThe sample, lubricated with binder EAA.020/A+B